Chamorro Standard Time: Tuesday, November 28, 2023 - 10:34 PM






Mission Statement:

To provide assistance to patients and family representative traveling off-island for medical purposes.



Services Include:

Transport services from the airport and drop off to your hotel.
Transport services within the compounds of area of coverage to include doctor’s clinics and pharmacies.
Provide list of lodgings within a 5-mile radius depending on the referred hospital.



Documents needed:

  • 1. Doctor’s referral or Letter of Authorization from Health Insurance
  • 2. Travel Itinerary for the patient and accompanying representative(s)
  • 3. Confirmed lodging information



Who can submit the documents?

The patient, a family representative or the insurance company.



Brief History:

Honolulu, Hawaii Office first opened doors in 1989

Los Angeles, California first opened doors in 1991

Manila, Philippines first opened doors in 1995



Darlean S.N. Salas




Carmelita L.A. Merfalen

Staff Assistant